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Development videos by topic

This is a compilation of technical videos that we have recorded during academies, workshops and webinars grouped by platform with references to the topics covered.

Web Development

App Management improvementsWebinarNew and experienced developersNew App Management app new featuresNov 2021v2.37
App Hub improvementsWebinarNew and experienced developersApp Hub redesign, guidelines and walk-throughNov 2021v2.37
Personal Access Tokens - PATWebinarNew and experienced developersPersonal access token creation and management in DHIS2 (part of a larger webinar)Nov 2021v2.37
App Platform v8 and our new Developer AdvocateWebinarNew and experienced developersLatest features of @dhis2/cli-app-scripts, @dhis2/app-runtime, and @dhis2/uiNov 2021v2.37
Application Development OverviewWorkshopNew developersApplication development overviewMar 2021
CLI installationWorkshopNew developersCLI Installation, App Initialization, CORS allowlist and live instance debuggingMar 2021
UI Library, Design system and Storybook documentationWorkshopNew developersUI Library, Design system and Storybook documentationMar 2021
Data Model REST APIWorkshopNew developersDHIS2 REST API Overview, Data Model, API handling in the Android SDKMar 2021
App Runtime IntroductionWorkshopNew developersApp Runtime intro: hooks, queries, mutationsMar 2021
App Runtime: Data Queries & MutationsWorkshopNew developersData queries and mutations demoMar 2021
Advanced App RuntimeWorkshopExperienced developersReview mutations, handling loading, error states, refetching data. Learn about dynamic queries and variables and how to useDataEngine and the Alerts Service for showing alertsMay 2021
Making Apps Generic - OverviewWorkshopExperienced developersHow to build generic DHIS2 apps. Learn about available tools such as translations (i18n) and how to use the Data StoreMay 2021
Translation tools - i18nWorkshopExperienced developersi18next, monitoring and generation of translations, interpolation, pluralsMay 2021
Data StoreWorkshopExperienced developersData store and user data storeMay 2021
App SecurityWorkshopExperienced developersLearn how to follow security best practicesMay 2021
App PerformanceWorkshopExperienced developersUsing explicit fields and collection pagination, reducing bundle sizeMay 2021
App Hub OverviewWorkshopExperienced developersPublishing workflows, App Hub guidelines and updatesMay 2021
App TestingWorkshopExperienced developersEnd-to-End tests - @dhis2/cli-utils-cypress, unit tests with jestMay 2021

Android Development

Android SDK OverviewWorkshopNew developersAndroid SDK (1.0) capabilities overviewMar 2021
Skeleton App OverviewWorkshopNew developersAndroid skeleton app libraries and demoMar 2021
SDK InstallationWorkshopNew developersAndroid SDK instantiationMar 2021
Data Access LayerWorkshopNew developersData access layer and data/metadata downloadMar 2021
Data Access Layer & TrackedEntityInstance searchWorkshopNew developersData Access Layer & TrackedEntityInstance searchMar 2021
Tracker Data Creation & UploadWorkshopNew developersTracker Data Creation & Upload. Granular syncMar 2021
Error Management, Sync errors & Data IntegrityWorkshopNew developersData error management, data states, data integrity, logic services, program indicators, validation rulesMar 2021
Debugging and Data downloadWorkshopExperienced developersDebugging, data download, Android settings appMay 2021
Data states and Aggregated data: dataSetInstancesWorkshopExperienced developersData states, data set reports, data set instanceMay 2021
Aggregated Data creationWorkshopExperienced developersData creation for data sets, data values, etcMay 2021
Validation RulesWorkshopExperienced developersValidation rules, validation resultMay 2021
Aggregated data uploadWorkshopExperienced developersHow to upload data that has been modified in the deviceMay 2021
Tracker: Data CreationWorkshopExperienced developersData creation on TrackerMay 2021
File ResourcesWorkshopExperienced developersFile resources module, dealing with file resources, data upload, data sync, conflict resolutionMay 2021
Rule Engine and Utility classesWorkshopExperienced developersProgram rules overview, program rule expression, connecting SDK and rule engine, applying rule effects, logic services, geometry and relationship helpers, analytics event line listMay 2021
Direct database interaction and DHIS2 compatibilityWorkshopExperienced developersDirect database interaction, database schema, DHIS2 compatibility, roadmapMay 2021