We've listed here the current set of DHIS2 application development tools and libraries, with links to their documentation.

Coming Soon: A thorough introduction to DHIS2 application development concepts, getting started tutorials and guides, and consolidated reference documentation.

App Platform

Component & Helper Libraries

  • DHIS2 UI - components and related resources for the DHIS2 design system
  • analytics - helper functions and common components for analytics applications
  • SMS Compression how the SMS library works and how it is used in server and Android side
  • SMS Syncing - how the SMS syncing works at every level (server, gateway, Android SDK, Android App) and how to test it

API Reference

Command-line tools

  • d2 - command-line interface for DHIS2 development
  • d2-style - standardized code and commit style enforcement
  • d2-utils-docsite - generate a documentation website with consistent structure and design

Legacy libraries

These libraries still receive maintenance support, but will be deprecated at the end of 2020. They should be used sparingly in modern DHIS2 applications.