• DHIS2 with Docker

    The DHIS2 Core Team uses Docker to make development and testing efforts easier every day! It allows us to spin up various environments with any DHIS2 version, numerous tomcat versions and different components, such as Redis, NGINX, in no time. Because we wanted to share Docker with the community, we made publishing Docker images a part of our delivery pipeline. This guide aims to provide some guidelines on how to use Docker to quickly set up DHIS2.

  • What is this DHIS2 Application Platform?

    During the DHIS2 Annual Conference a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of introducing our ongoing efforts to develop a formalized and consolidation Application Platform here at UiO.

  • Command a fleet of repositories

    As a developer you operate on many repositories. To keep all of the repositories up-to-date there are as many strategies as there are developers. Personally I have gone from doing it manually, to writing scripts (e.g. 1, 2), trying different tools (e.g. 1), and the latter is what this post is about.

  • Introducing d2, the DHIS2 CLI

    Today we are excited to announce the stable v1.0 release of d2, the DHIS2 CLI!

  • Build acrobatics

    Ready for some practical tricks on how to use the build system? Create custom builds, deterministic builds, reproduce specific builds, and more!

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