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To get started with the DHIS2 CLI, you need to install it on your machine. The CLI is available as an npm package, and can be installed using either npm or yarn.

To install globally with yarn:

yarn global add @dhis2/cli

Or to install with globally with npm:

npm install --global @dhis2/cli

Verify that it is available on PATH

d2 --version

This should return the version of the CLI that you have installed, such as 4.2.3.


Once you have installed the CLI, you should be able to run the d2 command in your terminal. This will show you the available commands and options.

There are several sections within the CLI, and each has its own set of commands and options. The sections are:

  • d2 app: Front-end application and library commands
  • d2 cluster: Manage DHIS2 Docker clusters.
  • d2 create: Create various DHIS2 components from templates
  • d2 style: DHIS2 programmatic style for commit messages/code
  • d2 utils cypress: DHIS2 Cypress configuration and utility helper.
  • d2 debug: Debug local d2 installation.