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Build repos migrated to d2-ci organization on GitHub

· 2 min read

Now that the amount of build repos are ranging in the fifties, it's time for them to find a new home, and using the dhis2-ci bot-user, the organization d2-ci is set up.


All the dhis2/${NAME}-builds have been moved to d2-ci/${NAME} to keep the URI to the builds uniform and simple. As we don't have any conflicts on the base URIs in a new org, there is no reason to use a suffix.

  • In a package.json file, this dep: "maps-app": "github:dhis2/maps-app-builds"
  • Becomes: "maps-app": "github:d2-ci/maps-app"

This leaves the main org free from the extra noise of build repos.


The dhis2-ci bot user is a shared account whose password is stored in the DHIS2 LastPass vault. Ask a DHIS2 core developer like @larshelge or @varl if you need more information or access to the user.

Deployment configuration; dhis2/deploy-builds

The new build process for frontend apps and libs means that all of the configuration for deploying and publishing builds is deferred to the deploy-build and publish-build scripts which come together from the @dhis2/deploy-builds package.

The migration was done by modifying two lines (not counting the docs change) in, ee5efcc, and one line in, 4a49777.

All applications and libraries which are built using the new routine have this line in their .travis.yml file:

- npm install --global @dhis2/deploy-build

That ensures that they get the newest version on each build, which is handy when you don't want to wade through dozens of apps and libs and do manual reconfiguration on each of them.

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