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App Platform v8 & Introducing German - November 11, 2021

The DHIS2 core team introduced the latest release of the App Platform tools. This webinar was targeted at new and experienced web application developers in the DHIS2 community. The DHIS2 core team shared the latest features of @dhis2/cli-app-scripts 4, @dhis2/app-runtime, and @dhis2/ui, including:

  • A --proxy parameter for @dhis2/cli-app-scripts start to eliminate all Chrome SameSite cookie issues!
  • Automatic deduplication of platform dependencies
  • In-memory caching and query deduplication for useDataQuery
  • Beta progressive web app and offline support!

You can read more about these features in the release announcement developer portal blog post

We are also very excited to welcome our new developer advocate German Viscuso to the DHIS2 team!

Web & Android App Development - February 8, 2021


This high-level webinar includes a non-technical overview of the Application Platform, Android SDK, and developer outreach initiatives at DHIS2. It will also cover the progress made in 2020, the current state of DHIS2 developer tools and more.

Platform Tools Webinar - June 10, 2020

The DHIS2 Core Team gave a lightly-technical introduction to the tools for DHIS2 application development. The webinar convers the DHIS2 Application Platform, the DHIS2 Design System, the official React UI Component Library, and the new DHIS2 App Hub. It also talks about the roadmap development and adoption of this platform across the DHIS2 ecosystem.

Introduction Webinar - June 2, 2020

Austin from the DHIS2 Core Team gave a high-level overview of the application development ecosystem and tools. This webinar covers both the current state of and future plans for the Application Platform initiative.