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DHIS2 Developer Meetups

Did you know that the DHIS2 Developer Community hosts monthly meetups?

What are these meetups?

A series of online and informal meetings with the DHIS2 Developer Community. These meetups are a great way for developers working on DHIS2-related projects to connect, ask questions and stay updated.

Topics range from meet and greet to technical web development discussions. These are some of topics covered so far in past meetings:

  • DHIS2 UI library and Design System
  • What makes a good generic DHIS2 application?
  • How to use the DataStore?
  • DHIS2 application testing with Cypress
  • Meet and Greet, general Q&A

Next Meetup Time & Date

The DHIS2 Developer Meetup is happening every second Thursday of the month.

The next Developer Meetup is on 8/8/2024* at 11:00 CE(S)T**.

In other time zones, this is:

  • 02:00 PT
  • 05:00 ET
  • 10:00 UTC
  • 12:00 EAT
  • 15:30 IST
  • 16:00 ICT
  • 18:00 CST
Always double-check date & time

*This meetup date and time are subject to change. The above date is automatically generated. Please check the DHIS2 Community of Practice for the most up-to-date information.

**CE(S)T stands for Central European (Summer) Time. This is the time zone in Oslo, Norway, where the DHIS2 Core Team is located. Remember that this time zone is subject to Daylight Saving Time changes and can differ from your time. Always check the calendar invite to ensure you have the correct time.

Register for the repeating meetup

To join the DHIS2 Developer Meetup, you can register for the repeating event on Zoom. After registering you will get an invite for all future meetups.

Register on Zoom to join All Developer Meetups.

Previous Meetups

Sometimes we record the meetups and make them available on the DHIS2 YouTube channel. Usually these recordings are community presentations or demos, but also product updates. Find some recordings below, but do check the Developer Meetup playlist on YouTube for more.

v41 Tracker API and Capture App changes, and Custom Plugins

SEMIS Capture App by Saudigitus

ICD-11 Cause of Death demonstration by HISP Vietnam

JumpaDokter Ecoystem by HISP Indonesia

Report Builder Demonstration by HISP WCA