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DHIS2 Developer Community

There are a lot of developers around the world using DHIS2 tools and libraries. This is a brief overview of where you can find them.

Where To Get Help

If you need help with your DHIS2 Web and Android app, you can join the following communities to get support:

Community of Practice

Many members of the community use the Community of Practice to ask questions. Read through the Support - Assistance technique category or the Development - Développement category and ask your own questions.

Slack Workspace for DHIS2 Developers

We have created the DHIS2 Developers Slack Workspace to have a place to interact, ask questions and to share developer-focused information and events.

Please share your interest in joining the Slack Worskpace by filling out this google form and we will make sure you invite you as soon as possible!

Stack Overflow

Some members of the community use Stack Overflow to ask questions. Read through the existing questions tagged with dhis-2 or ask your own!

Staying up to date

Official channels

Follow the DHIS2 Twitter account to find out what's happening in the world of DHIS2.

Community Events

Check out our past and upcoming DHIS2 Developer Community Events on this page here. Videos for these talks can be found online as well. We will also be posting other developer community talks on Slack!