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Every year, DigitalOcean and other partners sponsor Hacktoberfest to encourage open-source contributions. Contributors who make 4 or more useful pull-requests will be eligible to receive a free Hacktoberfest t-shirt. We also encourage you to consider the environmentally-conscious option of planting trees instead ๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŽ‰

If you contribute (by opening a pull request which gets approved) to any open-source DHIS2 repository during the month of October, your contribution will count towards the 4 pull-request minimum required to claim your reward. Get hacking!


What kind of contributions count?

Any pull request which is merged (or which are marked as hacktoberfest-approved) - this includes code, tests, documentation, and more!

Which repositories can I contribute to?

Any open-source DHIS2 repository is eligible! If the repository doesn't already have the hacktoberfest label, just mention in your PR that you'd like Hacktoberfest credit and we will make sure you get it.