Getting started as a DHIS2 developer

We are happy to see that you choose to develop on the DHIS2 platform! We depend on developers, both external and internal, to solve the challenges DHIS2 is used for at all levels.

Thank you for joining our community of developers. :tada:


All our documentation is accesible through There you can find version specific documentation, from the bleeding edge in development now to old versions.

As a developer, you will most like find the Developer guide useful as it contains the docs for the Web API.

Source code

All our code is published under the DHIS2 organisation on Github. The way the DHIS2 system is structured on Github is that dhis2-core contains the backend, which serves the APIs which the frontend applications can communicate with. The frontend apps are another story. Each application lives in its own repository, and we use tags for organisation.

DHIS2 Developer Portal

We have a Portal for DHIS2 developers which contains information relevant to internal and external developers who work on the DHIS2 platform.

Get in touch with the community

DHIS2 hosts a platform to facilitate connections within the community. It is the easiest way to get in contact with a growing number of DHIS2 developers, implementors, project managers, and users.


Stack Overflow is another resource to get help with DHIS2. There is a dhis-2 tag you can use for your questions, or to provide and answer to someone else’s question.


If you have a e-mail, you can use it to sign in to Slack.