Welcome to the (re-) launch of our developer portal. Over time we have amassed a wide variety of documentation which resides in an equally wide variety of places :sweat_smile:. The goal is to provide a single resource for developers who work with the DHIS2 platform.

While this space has existed for some time, first as a manual resource, and after that there was an attempt at a pure documentation driven resource, which would pull all the README docs from our repos and join them into a united whole.

The portal is an entry-point for all DHIS2 developers, and we provide guides to help you navigate the DHIS2 eco-system. Our Getting started with DHIS2 guide contains information about where to find source code, documentation, and when you need it – where to find help.

In general, the blog portion of the portal will contain more fleeting information like announcents, articles about how to implement and use a library in your applications.

The guides section will contain information which is more static in nature, for example how to set up a development environment for DHIS2.

A libraries page is in progress, with information about our suite of tools we have developed as we work on DHIS2.

There is an RSS feed if you wish to keep up with new content on the site, as well as a sitemap.

That’s all for now. :wave: