Archive: 2018

  • Packages and style conventions

    Style conventions are always a topic for debate. Everyone agrees that conventions are good, and simultaneously prefers their own conventions. Tools like Prettier were built in that particular kind of bikeshed. In that spirit, allow me to introduce two tools that consolidate our JavaScript conventions.

    js style packages code-style

  • Build repos migrated to d2-ci organization on GitHub

    Now that the amount of build repos are ranging in the fifties, it’s time for them to find a new home, and using the dhis2-ci bot-user, the organization d2-ci is set up.

  • DHIS2 Developer portal

    Welcome to the (re-) launch of our developer portal. Over time we have amassed a wide variety of documentation which resides in an equally wide variety of places :sweat_smile:. The goal is to provide a single resource for developers who work with the DHIS2 platform.